The Best Restaurants in Las Vegas


The Las Vegas culinary scene has evolved a great deal from the city’s early years of steakhouses and buffets. And while you’ll still find great steakhouses and bountiful buffets, the city has embraced celebrity chef-dom, all types of international cuisine, and high-quality ingredients from around the world. You’ll also find countless great establishments at varying price points, so if you lost a little more than anticipated at the craps table, don’t fret. There is great food to be found with any budget in Vegas. That being said, we’ll start with the top priciest restaurants in Las Vegas and work our way down to the best dining at lower price points.

Joël Robuchon ($$$) in the MGM Grand was the first U.S. restaurant opened by the famed chef of the same name. As one of the most decorated chefs in the world, Joël Robuchon was no stranger to world-class cuisine before opening the Vegas establishment in 2006. Over the course of his career, Robuchon has received a whopping 32 Michelin stars for his 14 restaurants worldwide. With the highest decoration of three stars, the Vegas restaurant provides “cuisine de Joël Robuchon” to diners from around the world. Diners can expect an unparalleled and sophisticated tasting menu and perhaps the largest dinner bill of your entire Vegas trip. With only 11 tables available in the one-of-a-kind space designed to resemble an art-deco townouse within the already magnificent MGM Grand, reservations made well in advance are highly recommended.

Wing Lei ($$$) in the Wynn Las Vegas is the first U.S. Chinese restaurant to receive a Michelin star and guests will immediately understand as they take their first bite of Imperial Peking Duck. The aesthetic of Wing Lei is an explosion of gold, jade, and bright white reminiscent of an old Chinese jewel box. While the setting of a dining experience most likely doesn’t make the food taste any better or worse, it certainly contributes to the overall experience and Wing Lei’s dining room sets a perfect framework for the meal. Executive chef Ming Yu’s menu is an amalgamation of traditional Shanghai, Szechwan and Cantonese cuisines and the aforementioned Imperial Peking Duck is an item not to be missed when dining here. It won’t be cheap, but service, presentation, and food quality will make every penny worth the visit.

Twist by Pierre Gagnaire ($$$) is located in the Mandarin Oriental on the 23rd Floor and is another French restaurant in Vegas from a wildly successful and decorated French chef. Everything about a dining experience at Twist epitomizes elegance, class, and artistic expression. The food is a representation of the refinement of French cuisine amidst the bright lights and hustle of Vegas. From the extraordinary and whimsical cuisine of Chef Gagnaire to the impeccable interior design of the space to the ultra-rare wine list and crafty cocktails, a visit to Twist will undoubtedly provide you with one of the most memorable meals of your life.

Mizumi ($$$) is also located in the Wynn Las Vegas and is the perfect Japanese counterpart to the aforementioned Wing Lei. If you’re looking for a sushi or sashimi meal comparable to what you might be able to find in some of the most renowned establishments in Japan, Mizumi most certainly fits the bill. And with a beautiful Japanese garden, a koi pond, and a 90-foot waterfall, the aesthetic of the restaurant is breathtaking. Additionally, Mizumi is one of only four restaurants in the entire world serving the ultra-rare and coveted Snow Beef. This cherished breed consists of exclusively third-generation or older pure Hokkaido-born Kuroge Washu cattle, meaning the cows are raised in one place in the entire world and about as choice as it gets. The conditions of their environment in a very cold and snowy place also lead to some of the most remarkable marbling of beef you’ll ever see and one of the most rich and velvety flavors of beef you’ll ever experience. If you make a trip to Mizumi, it would almost be a crime not to spring for the Snow Beef.

Bazaar Meat by José Andrés ($$) – Located in the SLS Hotel & Casino that opened just four years ago, the restaurant Bazaar Meat is the Michelin-star chef José Andrés’ “celebration of the carnivorous, in all its forms.” Naturally, you won’t find too many vegetarian options on the menu. What you will find, however, is all types of meat from the land and the sea, including a quarter or whole roasted suckling pig, Ibérico pork loin or ham, Wagyu beef, Main lobster, bluefin tuna, a variety of caviar, several applications of foie gras, and so much more. The space is large with multiple rooms, an open kitchen, plenty of seating, and a great steakhouse vibe. You won’t leave disappointed if you decide to make Bazaar Meat a dining destination on your next Vegas trip.

Nobu ($$) – With nearly 40 locations worldwide, the Nobu Restaurant brand, to put it simply, is very successful. The brain child of Nobu Matsuhisa, the first Nobu restaurant was opened in New York City at the request of Robert De Niro who had frequented the famed chef’s Los Angeles establishment in the late 80s. They entered into a partnership together along with other investors and the brand is as strong as ever today. There are two locations in Vegas with Caesar’s Palace and Hard Rock Hotel & Casino hosting the restaurants. The cuisine is a mixture of the chef’s Japanese heritage along with his influences from spending time in the South American country of Peru. You’ll find signature dishes like his Black Cod with Miso, Hamachi Tuna with Jalapeño, and Tiradito on the menu at Nobu. If you want great Japanese fare with some flair, Nobu is the place.

Chica ($$) – Located in the Venetian, Chica is a newcomer (opened in 2017) to the Las Vegas culinary world. With menu(s) and concept crafted by celebrity chef Lorena Garcia, the restaurant features the best of the best when it comes to Latin American cuisine. You’ll find flavors and signature dishes from countries like Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina, among others. The restaurant offers diners breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week with a special brunch service on Saturdays and Sundays. If you’re looking for a high-end Latin American meal, Chica is the place to go. However, you’ll also find more affordable and approachable options on their menu.

Picasso ($$) – Located in the Bellagio, Picasso is an homage to the famed Spanish painter and features many of the artist’s works throughout the dining space. Executive Chef Julian Serrano weaves French influence and technique with regional Spanish cuisine. The restaurant is a AAA Five-Diamond Award winner and has earned two Michelin stars. Diners will experience terrific service and an extensive wine list to go along with a tasting menu featuring refined takes on dishes like pan-seared sea scallops, roasted Colorado lamb loin, and foie gras among several others. As the tasting menu is a bit cheaper than its high-end French counterparts, Twist and Joël Robuchon, Picasso gets the nod as a cheaper alternative. However, it teeters on the edge and you can certainly end up with a large bill leaving Picasso depending on selections.

Le Pho ($) – Located on the ground floor of the Juhl apartment building in Downtown Vegas, Le Pho opened its doors to anxious and hungry guests in 2016. The Vietnamese restaurant offers guests inspired takes on classics like pho and spring rolls as well as other noodle bowl options, salads, chicken wings, and plenty of vegetarian options. The interior decor is simple and rustic with artistic murals of Vietnamese scenes adorning the walls while remaining comfortable and welcoming. You’ll find diners here ranging from suit-wearing business men and women to top-bun rocking hipsters sitting among families of four. You’ll also find a great original cocktail list and best of all, prices that won’t break the bank.

KoKoRo Ramen ($) – Ramen shops have popped up all over the country in the last decade or so. To be clear, ramen is not a new thing, but the Western embrace of delicious broth, noodles, and various toppings is becoming more and more commonplace. Las Vegas is no exception and the best place to get a delicious steaming bowl of ramen packed with flavor is KoKoRo Ramen located in the Flamingo Commercial Center. Its owners had previously owned an establishment called Jumping Rice before shifting focus and opening KoKoRo. Diners can still get lots of great rice dishes as well, however. If you’re looking for an affordable, delicious, and filling meal, be sure to check out KoKoRo on your trip to Vegas.

Tacos El Gordo ($) – Tacos El Gordo is a family-owned establishment dating back to the late 90s when they opened up their first taqueria in San Diego in 1998. Twelve years later, they opened up their first Las Vegas restaurant and have been feeding the masses with authentic Tijuana tacos ever since. Currently, El Gordo has three Vegas locations. They use handmade corn tortillas and top-notch ingredients across the board and the excellence in the tacos shows this dedication in every aspect. Diners will find delicious options like adobada (spiced roast pork), carne asada (grilled beef), suadero (brisket), chorizo, and so much more. You won’t leave hungry and you won’t leave broke either.

Pizza Rock ($) – Every best of food list needs the best pizza joint and this list is no different. Though Pizza Rock isn’t the place to get a cheap massive slice (several Vegas locations have good slices), it is the best place in Vegas to get a wonderful gourmet pie. At Pizza Rock, diners can get classic American-style pies, classic Italian-style pies, Napoletana brick oven pies, Sicilian pies, and cracker thin crust as well. The menu also features great pasta dishes, sandwiches, burgers, and more. And nothing on the menu will break the bank.