6 Friendly Rules for Drinking on a Cruise Ship

We get it. You’re on vacation on a gorgeous cruise ship with countless options for entertainment, dining, and drinking. Having a couple of drinks or perhaps several drinks pool side while the boat slices through Caribbean waters can and will be very enticing. And what if you’ve opted for an unlimited open bar cruise? You should absolutely take advantage of your time on the boat and enjoy a few well-deserved drinks, but we encourage you to follow these simple guidelines when imbibing on your next cruise vacation.

  1. Drink lots of water. The absolute golden rule of indulging in a few drinks regardless of whether you’re on a cruise or not is to stay hydrated. This rule is especially important when you may be exposed to more sun than usual as you wander the decks and hang out pool side aboard a cruise ship. Alcohol will dehydrate you and prolonged exposure to sunlight will exacerbate the dehydration. Therefore, it is extremely important to drink lots of water throughout the day if you plan to be drinking. A good way to ensure this happens is to have a routine of drinking one 8-ounce glass of water for every drink. You’ll find cool, filtered water at every buffet on the boat and bartenders won’t have a problem pouring you a glass either.
  2. Be polite. A close second to staying hydrated is to remain courteous and maintain control while drinking on a cruise ship. Having fun is an absolute must while aboard a vessel and is really quite easy to achieve, so make sure you don’t ruin the fun for yourself or those around you by causing a scene because you had one too many and didn’t follow rule #1. It’s also important to make sure you eat three solid meals on a day you’re planning on drinking so your body can more easily metabolize the alcohol.
  3. Don’t contribute to lines when ordering your drink. A drawback to vacationing anywhere is the inevitability of waiting in lines. Whether it’s boarding the ship or waiting outside the main dining room before dinner or getting in queue for entertainment, lines are just part of traveling. However, they don’t have to be when ordering a drink. Make sure you have your exact order in mind before getting up to the bar. This way, you’ll be doing your part to keep the bars and bartenders moving along smoothly. If you’re unsure of what you want to order, take a peek at the menu before getting in line — this way, you have time to think about it.
  4. Find the deals and save money when drinking on your cruise vacation. With a little research, you’ll find ways to save money on alcoholic beverages.¬†Check the daily planner for drink specials such as happy hours and the drink of the day. Some lines also host captain’s cocktail parties, where servers make the rounds with trays of Champagne. Big drinkers should also consider¬†beverage packages, either for a daily rate or as a free perk, to save on booze.
  5. Don’t bring your own booze on board.¬†It’s just not worth it to risk the embarrassment and loss of money when your bottle of vodka or 6-pack gets thrown away. It’s also just against the rules and enforced by every major cruise line. That being said, some cruise lines do permit travelers to bring one unopened bottle of wine aboard in carry-on luggage. Be sure to check with your cruise line’s liquor and beverage policy before embarking.
  6. Stay off the dance floor. We know it’s very tempting to get out there on the dance floor once you’ve gotten a little bit of liquid courage in your system and you should absolutely do so, but make sure you’ve finished your drink before making the first move. Keep in mind, you’re on a moving ship. Dropping your drink could not only lead to a sticky dance floor, but could also lead to broken glass and disgruntled fellow travelers.