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Recognizing the Value in Your Membership

As discussed in a previous post, vacationing can be good for your health – both physically and mentally. Whether you’re in the bucket of people that takes one long vacation per year or several long weekend trips or multiple long vacations per year, you should be utilizing and prioritizing the vacation time given for the health, happiness, and prosperity of you and your family.

Once the vacation idea is hatched, the planning begins. One of the first steps in the planning process is to sit down and establish a budget for the trip. Vacation spending can vary greatly based on factors like amount of travelers, duration of trip, destination, accommodations, planned activities, food/beverage costs, and several others. However, with the glory of the internet and countless previous vacations taken along with travelers kind enough to share the details of their journeys, we’ve been able to establish some average costs.

The following costs are based on a family of four traveling for one week. Changes in average spending can be extrapolated out based on amount of travelers and duration of trip.

Transportation ($1500) – based on $1200 for airfare, $200 for a rental car, and $100 for parking and/or shuttles. Obviously, you can save money by driving to your destination and if you are planning on vacationing within a 6-hour drive from your home, we would recommend packing up the car for the trip. Depending on flight schedules, it can take just as long to arrive at your destination even if the flight time is only a couple of hours. If you’re traveling somewhere that will require a flight, be sure to check out our piece on the best times to book airfare so you can spend as little as possible on those tickets.

Accommodations ($1250) – based on $175 per night (including taxes) for a hotel stay and an additional $25 for extraneous fees and/or tipping. This is an average hotel rate for most 2-3 star hotel properties domestically. International rates and high-starred properties could be more expensive.

Activities ($425) – based on visiting 3 attractions for $125 each and $50 for souvenirs.  Of course, if you’re planning a big Disney or theme park vacation these costs would be a good bit higher.

Food ($1225) – Plan on approximately $175 per day for a family of four ($36 for breakfast, $48 for breakfast, $74 for dinner, and an additional $17 or so for snacks).

This puts us at a total of approximately $4400 for a week-long vacation with a family of four. Now let’s talk about how your membership can bring down these costs and how it can save you money on your next vacation.

When booking airfare, your membership will allow you to search for nearly all flights with nearly every major airline. Federal regulations and the airlines dictate the fluctuations in pricing, so discounts aren’t available for plane tickets regardless of where you end up searching for the tickets. There are however, better days and times to buy tickets.

When it comes to accommodations, your membership can and will save you money on your next trip. The aforementioned budget of $1250 for accommodations in a hotel for 7 days, based on $175 per night can be lowered significantly when utilizing your membership. Prices vary depending on location and time of year for travel, but your membership unlocks access to 7-night condo stays as low as $155 per week ($22 per night), discounts on hotels, and an inventory of thousands of properties worldwide. Give a call or submit a travel request today to see how your membership can save you money on your next vacation.

Activities and food are the aspects of a vacation that can vary greatly depending on the choices made. That being said, your membership can save you money on both when visiting your Leisure Hub account through your membership portal. Leisure Hub provides access to discounts on sporting events, concerts, comedy, and movies along with discounts on tons of great restaurants.