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Summer Travel Tips

The point of a vacation should be to provide a break for you and your family from the daily stresses that seem to accumulate throughout the year. A vacation should serve as an opportunity to recharge and revitalize. However, as many experience when embarking on a getaway, traveling to and from your destination can often be very stressful. Here are some travel tips to make your summer travel plans this year go as smooth as possible:

Write Packing Lists

Nothing is worse than being two hours down the road or in the air and realizing you’ve left your phone charger at home or didn’t pack your swim gear. Your vacation will dictate your needs, but at least a couple of days before departing, make sure you sit down and write a list of what everyone traveling will need to ensure a great time is had by all throughout the trip.

Research the Airport(s)

Before traveling, it can be very beneficial to research the airports you may be passing through on the way to the destination. Airport web sites will have all the information you need to get an idea of layout, dining options, and kids play areas if you’re killing time on a layover or experiencing delays.

Be Punctual

If there is any one tip to abide by when traveling in order to alleviate stress, it’s to absolutely do your best to maintain a schedule and be on time. Unplanned things will happen when traveling and starting the journey running late will create a cascade effect of disruptions to your schedule. Allow yourself plenty of time on travel days and you’ll find the stress levels at 1 as opposed to 10.

Anticipate Flight Delays

Flight delays happen all the time and it’s best to anticipate your flights will be subject to at least a minor delay while traveling in the summer months. A thunderstorm can come and go within a matter of minutes, but can still lead to a delay. Make sure you pack some healthy snacks so you and your family are covered in the event of a delay while waiting in the terminal or even on the tarmac.

Build in Break Time

Most everyone has experienced the 3-5pm crash when vacationing. You’ve been in the sun, probably walked a few miles, it’s too early for dinner, but people are getting hungry. When planning your daily itinerary of activities, make sure you work in a little break time in the afternoon.┬áTake a nap, read, write, and let the kids have some down time. That way, everyone will be rested and recharged for dinner and any nighttime activities you may have on deck.

Research the Area

Most likely you’ve looked into activities and attractions of a destination before booking a vacation there, but there’s almost always more to a top vacation spot than the top 10 lists will show. A great resource for local happenings is Twitter. You’ll find the best food trucks of the area, local events, and much more on the social media app. Another great idea when traveling to a new place is to find a local park and have a picnic with the family. And finally, don’t be afraid to ask the locals about their favorite places to eat, drink, and have fun.